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Health and Safety Summary

Transcendent Mining and Mobilization Inc. (TMM) is COR certified through BC Construction Safety Alliance, Alberta Construction Safety Association, National Safety Association and BC Forest Safe. We have also been a member with Avetta (PICS) since our inception in 2014. Our Safety Lead and Office Manager has 25 plus years in safety and is a certified COR Internal Auditor, a Supervisor for Open Pit Mining, Paramedic in Industry and has many other Safety and Emergency Rescue and training certifications. We also have a Field Safety Personnel who has been working with safety services since 2004 along with Paramedic in Industry, Loss Control Management and many other rescue and training certifications. Both individuals continually update and implement the OH&S manual, update and implementation of the Safe Work Practices, facilitate monthly safety meetings, Field safety audits, JSA training, organizing the JOHS program, access control on project sites, Incident Investigation, new hire orientations along with Drug analysis, EHSC and EPWP forms, maintaining the fire extinguisher program and Lock Out Tag Out program.

All management, foreman and supervisors are certified with either Supervisor for Open Pit Mining certification or Shift Boss Ticket for Open Pit Mining (BC Ministry of Mines).

Here is a brief overview of our solid Health and Safety Program:

An extensive Occupational Health and Safety Manual, both hard copy and electronic.

  • Company Health and Safety Policy / Environmental Policy
  • Workplace Hazard Assessment and Control
  • Safe Work Policies and Procedures
  • Procedures for new hire orientation and contractor orientation.
  • Company Rules: Disciplinary Action Policy / Rules / Drug and Alcohol Policy
    • Drug Testing; pre-employment/post incident
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Inventory and expiry replacement)
  • Equipment Operators Procedures (Training and Sign off procedures)
  • Preventative Maintenance Policies and Procedures
  • Utilities Practices and Procedures / with Fire Systems
  • Safety Training and Communication
    • Employee orientations are conducted on individual computers
    • Matrix E-File and paper on all employees work experience (sign off training sheets for equipment with Certified Training Supervisor)
    • Field Level Hazard Assessment (daily forms)
  • Inspection Policy: Monthly, weekly, daily and site inspections
  • Investigations and Reporting
    • Emergency Procedures: Emergency Response Policy, Plan and Procedures
    • Records and Statistics Policy: Corrective Action Log, Emergency Response Drill
      • Full Incident and Investigation Plan
      • Full chronological filing system paper and EFILE.
      • First Aid: First aid form, first aid record and chronological file, follow-up file and chronological file, first aid inventory and other appropriate forms. With a Return to Work Policy and program.
      • Safety Statistical tracking with accumulative employee working hours.
    • Fully Equipped Emergency Transport Vehicle with OFA Level 3 attendants.
    • Full incident reporting system: Our field safety personnel is directly involved with all incident investigation. Upon report, they will go to the site and implement our investigation process (please see OH&S Manual at TMM office, also supplied by Avetta). After all documentation is completed and recommendations are set forth by all parties, the field safety personnel will work with the GM and Office Manager to create a corrective action plan.
  • Access Control for all special projects:
    • Controlling all Access and Egress
    • Security
    • Tracking of workers entering and exiting property
    • Tracking of contractors accessing and egressing property
    • Ensuring everyone entering site has the proper safety orientation
    • PPE Check
    • Radio communications
    • Communicating road conditions and hazards
    • Dispatch duties
    • Liaison with Outside agencies- Emergency, Government, Media
  • Tracking system for fire extinguishers on equipment, pick-ups, project sites and main office.
    • Maintaining Fire Extinguisher program according to NFPA Standards
  • Equipment forms, Inspection forms, access control, investigation and reporting forms are all included into our safety monitoring system:
    • All equipment forms are reviewed daily and put into a tracking system. Safety issues are dealt with immediately and scheduled maintenance is coordinated with mechanics.
    • Random inspections are completed on various projects by field safety personnel.
    • All FLHAs (Field Level Hazard Assessment) forms are tracked daily and each individual is accountable for handing in their form at the end of the day.
    • Incident investigation, witness statement form, Incident warning forms, each area is tracked and implemented into our safety statistical summary.
    • We have a full access control system for required projects with safety and security guidelines.
  • WHMIS: Full in-house training, in place of conducting online training; power point, quiz and answers and certificate.
  • Courageous Safety Leadership (Teck Coal) – This training is a joint venture with Teck Coal.
  • TMM also has a JHSC – Joint Health and Safety Committee which includes workers from each project within Teck Coal and other projects outside of the mining industry.
    • Each Member has a Standard First Aid Certificate or higher and previous experience within the Safety Environment
  • TMM has implemented a Lock Out Tag Out program that coincides with Teck requirements including a quiz and sign off form; our field safety personnel facilitates as an internal instructor.
    • Each employee attends a training session on LOTO
    • Each employee is issued a personal lock and certification form which is tracked through our LOTO system.
  • HEI – Hazardous Energy Isolation (Teck Coal) Training: Full in-house training, in place of conducting online training; power point, quiz and answers and certificate. This program is passed offered to other contractors working for Teck Coal.
  • Safety Incentive Program. Each month we will award one employee with safety incentives. This employee is the one who completes the following:
    • Log books complete (both light duty and heavy equipment)
    • FLHAs completed properly
    • Wearing all PPE
    • Following Safety Rules
    • Being exceptional safety representatives for Transcendent Mining and Mobilization Inc.
  • Legislation Policy
  • Forest Safety Accord
  • Standard Safe Work Procedures (TMM manual at main office)

Safety Statistics

2014 Safety Stats
Man Hours Incidents FA MA Environmental Infractions
1960 0 0 0 0
2014 Safety Stats
2015 Safety Stats (ALL)
Man Hours Incidents FA MA Environmental Infractions
15,154.25 2 0 0 0
2016 Safety Stats (Teck)
Man Hours Incidents FA MA Environmental Infractions
32,689.70 8 1 0 0

2016 Safety Stats (All: Teck and Other Projects)

Man Hours Incidents (all) FA (all) MA (all) Environmental Infractions
58,371.75 10 3 0 0
2017 Safety Stats (Teck)
Man Hours Incidents FA MA Environmental Infractions
31,328.50 2 1 0 0
2017 Safety Stats (All: Teck and Other Projects)
Man Hours Incidents (all) FA (all) MA (all) Environmental Infractions
34315.50 1 0 0 0
2018 Safety Stats (Teck)
Man Hours Incidents FA MA Environmental Infractions
35.668 0 1 0 0
2018 Safety Stats (All: Teck and Other Projects)
Man Hours Incidents FA MA Environmental Infractions
48,941.75 0 2 0 0

1:3 Commitment to Courageous Safety Leadership

Topic Owner: Manager

Topic Applies to: All Employees

Process Responsibility: Department Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, Workers

Final Accountability: Manager

Transcendent Mining And Mobilization Inc. relies on Courageous Safety Leaders in the corporation at all levels to have a safe, productive work environment.

A successful business gets in touch with its employees by interacting with people and implementing a culture of safety “one on one”.

Acknowledging good safety practices and workers actively involving themselves in implementation is one of Transcendent Mining And Mobilization Inc.‘s core values.


Transcendent Mining And Mobilization Inc. strives to meet or exceed Safety expectations by:

  1. Personal accountability
  2. Encouraging Safety not only as a part of meetings but as a part of our culture

“To Meet or Exceed” is our commitment to Courageous Safety Leadership.”







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