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We believe it takes a team to make our business ‘Above and Beyond’ from our operators, to office staff, to supervisors, management and shareholders. Everyone working at TMM is important to our success. tset

Meet Our Team

Ian Benson
Ian BensonPresident – Shareholder Group

Ian started his career with Teck in July of 1994, in the 17 years of working with Teck, he left with a resume of Pit Operations for 10 years, Ministry of Mines Open Pit Surface Mine Recue for 4 years, and Senior Process Operator for 7 years.

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During this time, he experienced some success in the hospitality business in the town of Elkford with the Lamplighter Pub, 1999-2007. In 2006 he envisioned bringing hospitality customer care to the Industrial setting, the adventure began.
With his industrial and hospitality experience he brings 11 years of contracting business in the Valley specifically, supporting the mining sector. Ian has supported many non-profit organizations in Elkford and the Elk Valley, he believes in giving back and building a strong community. He is personal with his employees, giving many an honest chance and has helped many in need. As president of the shareholder group, Ian works daily with the General Manager, as part of the team, with financial and investment matters.

Bud Lynch
Bud LynchGeneral Manager

Bud has been in the construction industry since 1995, from operating equipment to supervisor, operations manager and now General Manager. He has also been involved in other self employment ventures.


Bud is currently in charge of managing all operations. His duties include supervising all Project Managers and Supervisors, direct involvement with the bidding process, communications with shareholder group, direct contact with general contractor’s project management staff, oversees the hiring process, job cost review and all financial and investment matters. Bud has worked on many projects such as Teck Coal Greenhills Operations Dam Raise/Soil stripping/Erosion repair/Pond construction, Coal Mountain Operations Pit Coal Haul/soil Stripping/Load out expansion, Fording River Operations Erosion Repair/Pipe line upgrades/Burning Waste Haul/Spoil Construction/Cut-Mining/Dewatering/Pit Bottom Mining, Elk Valley Airport Construction, Corbin Creek Construction, BC Forestry Road building, and civil construction on 2 Fernie projects. Bud brings not only his experience to Transcendent Mining, he also brings with him a team of supervisors and heavy equipment operators whom he has worked with on past projects. Bud has a high respect for all his employees and stays personal with everyone. This respect is returned in the quality of work and integrity of employment. He currently holds a Ministry of Energy and Mines Shift boss Certification (No. 10220 – Open pit with no restrictions), Loss Control Management, Safety Excellence Program, Standard FA with spine immobilization, WHIMIS and Professional Supervision Training. Bud is the ‘pin in the wheel’ at Transcendent Mining and Mobilization Inc., there is no task too big or too small that he won’t conquer.

Albert Snook
Albert SnookChief Financial Officer

Albert offers clients over a decade of experience as a Chartered Accountant and specializes in providing services as a “Virtual Controller or CFO” for small and medium enterprises (SME’s).


Originally from Newfoundland, Albert relocated to Alberta in 2003 to start his career. Over the past 10 years he has been a virtual controller / CFO for many types of entrepreneurs such as mortgage brokerage firms, high net worth individuals, trucking and transport companies and many other SME’s.
Albert effectively contributes to our business, beyond basic government compliance matters and answers direct questions from our clients. His role is more than paper pushing and number crunching as he understands the financial foundation needed to help make our business successful. He contributes to developing financial solutions and management processes as well as traditional accounting services such as year-end financial reporting compliance, taxation plans and filings.

Shelley Lynch
Shelley LynchOffice Manager & Safety Lead

Shelley joined TMM in June of 2015. Her brother, Bud, asked if she wanted to come help develop the safety program and structure the office. Shelley comes from many years of safety, rescue, and emergency medicine.


Her weekends were spent supporting her community as a primary care paramedic with BC ambulance service for 25 plus years, recently retired. She also has experience in the coal mine industry along with running a few successful businesses of her own. Shelley is the Office Manager and Safety Lead with Transcendent Mining and her duties consist of managing all the office staff, human resources duties, COR safety audits and compliance, Courageous Safety Leadership Facilitator (Teck Coal), Implementation of Critical Incident Management Training (Teck Coal), accounts payable and receivable, payroll, budgeting, profit margin tracking, public relations, technical support, assisting with the bid process and ensuring all the duties of each member below work efficiently and together as a team. Shelley brings to the table an extensive amount of education and accreditations that come from many licences and certifications in emergency medicine and safety, to many years of business experience, education, and training.

Graham Harder
Graham HarderProject Manager

Graham joined the Transcendent team in 2018. He is a graduate of Lethbridge College with a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. His construction carer started at a young age as a carpenter and stone mason for commercial and residential construction.

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As his construction carer progressed, he moved into a role as a heavy equipment operator on commercial and residential civil earthwork projects. He gained experience with road building, landscaping, foundation excavation, underground infrastructure and mass excavation. Upon graduation from the Lethbridge College Graham moved into the ‘hands on mining environment’ using his skills on the Fluor AWTF Fording River Project 2018, first as a surveyor and advanced into a supervisor. He also had the opportunity to supervise the Contouring project at Line Creek, soil salvage projects and assisted with smaller projects at Fording River. Graham currently spends most of his time in the office bidding on new projects, creating estimates, tracking and administrating current ones. He also participates in lining up the crews for the day, along with decision making meetings and assigning and sourcing equipment/materials for special projects. He not only brings new experience and knowledge to our team, (Ground Disturbance, first aid, Drafting and Design, Survey skills), he also has committed to a long career with the company. Graham moved into ‘Project Administration Manager’ in 2020 and is driven to build Transcendent Mining to even bigger level. He brings his own knowledge of advanced construction techniques and new ideas of how to solve complex problems whether it be scheduling, construction techniques or equipment requirements.

Our Office Staff:

Nathan started with TMM June 2019, shortly after completing his 3rd year university in Business Management. Nathan’s current position is Project Administration, with his last year of school at the University of Lethbridge (2019/20) when complete he will move into the accounting department. His duties vary from assisting with Bids and estimates, project budgeting, sending support documents and invoicing to sorting files, communications, creating and updating records in all areas, job and equipment tracking, New Hire orientations including drug analysis, and many other area’s. He also comes from a farming background and has operated many types of equipment. Nathan is a true asset to our team.

Kim joined the Team in 2015 working part time in accounting and payroll. By 2017, she was busy managing her and her husband’s personal business “R&K Contracting Ltd.” which required her full attention as this business started in 1996. Kim has recently rejoined the team in the office in 2020 and will continue where she left off in accounting and payroll. She brings many years of experience and has a Business and Administration Certificate. 2019 she completed her British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance Internal Auditor course and COR certified her personal business. Kim is well versed in Quickbooks and her knowledge to train and complete many accounting tasks is a great asset. She is also trained in administration duties that vary from sorting files, payroll entries and edits, communications, creating and updating records in all areas, job and equipment tracking, New Hire orientations including drug analysis, and organizing accommodations, a welcome asset to our group.

Michelle has been with TMM since August 2018. Providing administration duties that vary from sorting files, communications, creating and updating records in all areas, job and equipment tracking, New Hire orientations including drug analysis, and organizing accommodations. Michelle has a college internship and worked as a consultant to develop a full public relations and communications plan for The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. She also brings Health and Safety clerk duties to the team, as she was involved in managing a variety of safety systems, tracked safety statistics, supported OHS department, secretary for OHS committee and planned CSL training with Teck Coal. After her maternity leave she assumed the role of maintenance clerk. Michelle is a true asset to our team.

Cathy has been working with safety services since 2004 along with Emergency medical care, which includes joining BC Ambulance Service as a paramedic in 2015. She joined the TMM team in September 2016 and her jobs consist of updating and implementing the OH&S manual, updating and implantation of the Safe Work Practices, facilitating monthly safety meetings, Field safety audits, organizing the JOHS program, Incident Investigation, New hire orientations along with Drug analysis, EHSC and EPWP forms, Permit to Work training (Teck coal), Hazardous Isolation Training (Teck Coal), Emergency Spare Air Training (Teck Coal), maintaining the fire extinguisher program and various administrative functions. Cathy’s education and accreditations include Emergency Medical training in many areas, Loss Control Management, LOTO trainer, Confined Space, ICS, Advanced Mine Rescue, Fire Instructor, Urine Analysis, and other various professional seminars and training.

Alisha is new to field safety for Transcendent but has worked in the field as a packer operator and truck driver in 2018. She is a young fresh set of eyes for our safety department with field safety audits, Incident Investigation, EHSC and EPWP forms, Permit to Work, Fit testing, Drug analysis, maintaining the fire extinguisher program and various administrative functions.  Alisha has previous experience in safety and holds a Level 3 OFA certificate. Alisha is a valuable asset to Transcendent Mining.

Darren joined the TMM group in the summer of 2020, his duties consist of sorting completed project paperwork and creating LEMs for payments. He also assists in researching information for bids, reading contracts, and keeping the accounts receivables up to date. He comes from a long background of Oil and Gas well servicing, a family business. Darren attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for his diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology and is presently enrolled in his 3rd year BSc in Environmental Practice at Royal Roads University. He has over 15 years of progressive oilfield experience and a strong grasp of math and science. Darren also brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in computers and field work, another great asset to the Project Management group.

Kirby is new to the TMM team, February 2019. Primarily a wetland and riparian areas ecologist, Kirby received a BSc. from the University of Lethbridge with a Biological Sciences major and a cooperative education designation with work terms at the Foothills Research Institute, Parks Canada, and Agriculture and Agrifood Canada.  After several years in the field as a biologist in training and now a professional biologist, Kirby returned to graduate school to further his education in riparian and wetland science discipline at University of Saskatchewan via a Masters of Science degree in Geography. His thesis research, on Beaver Impacts to Woody Vegetation in Urban Riverine Forests, is in the thesis writing stage and one of the intended results of this publication are management suggestions to improve the ability of land manager’s making informed decisions regarding beaver management in riverine forests.

Kirby’s professional experience continues to be in environmental sciences and in addition to completing his graduate education, he is a Term Certain Instructor at the Lethbridge College, School of Environmental Sciences. Prior to taking on near full time employment at Lethbridge College, Kirby spent nearly five years as a Riparian Resource Analyst at Cows and Fish (the Alberta RIparian Habitat Management Society). In that time he became involved in many aspects of riparian and wetland management including: over 300 riparian health inventories or assessments across Alberta, technical report writing and preparation, spatial analysis and mapping, and involvement in all stages of hands-on riparian restoration through planning and participation in multiple bio-engineering projects in Westslope Cutthroat Trout habitat.

Justin started with Transcendent Mining in the summer of 2020. He is versatile, goal oriented and results-driven professional with a proven ability to supervise all facets of construction on mega projects. Highly skilled and effective leader with an ability to manage multi-disciplinary teams and key projects stakeholders to achieve on-time, on-budget completion for projects in multiple industries, including oil and gas refining and infrastructure. Recognized for creative problem-solving skills, dedication to safety excellence and talent for thriving in dynamic environments. Justin has a Civil Engineering Technologist degree and a graduate certificate in Project Management. With many years in project management, Justin is a true asset to our team.

Operation Supervisors:

Matt joined Transcendent in 2018 as a heavy equipment operator and moved to a supervisor position. His background comes for 15 plus years in the mining industry. For Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. he was a shovel operator and shovel training, including dozer, excavator and water extraction with water line and pump maintenance. Matt was a training coordinator for Teck Coal, Coal Mountain Operations along with running all types of heavy equipment. He holds a Supervisor for Ministry of Energy, Surface Open Pit Mining Certificate along with many other safety and first aid certificates. In 2020 he moved on to a General Supervisor position, taking on the scheduling of Operators and Supervisors and managing the overall filed operations. Matt is a true asset to Transcendent Mining.

Kasey joined TMM in the early 2015. His experience in heavy equipment operations goes back many years. He is known locally to be an expert as an Excavator Operator and much of the time is spent supervising a crew and running a Hoe. He has worked with Bud, GM, with other contractors previous to this venture. Kasey has 25 plus years in heavy equipment operations and specializes in working in sensitive areas such has gas and pipelines. His main area of work is with the Teck Coal Greenhills mine, assisting with designing and maintaining settling ponds, excavation work at their plant and assisting with job estimates and project organization for his area directly with the General Manager. Kasey is also a good resource for trouble shooting and planning of all other special projects with TMM. With a Supervisor Safety Training Course, Certificate of Dangerous Goods, Ground Disturbance/H2S Alive/Hazard Identification Assessment and Control/WHIMIS/ Hazardous Energy Isolation/BC Forestry/St John Ambulance FA Certificates he is a true asset to the team.

Larry joined TMM in September 2016, coming from 28 years with the Nohels Group. He continues to work directly with Teck Coal, but his main area of work is our Gravel Pit, south of Elkford. He has worked with Bud, GM, with other contractors previous to this venture. Larry is known to be the man to turn to for advice involving activities at the Fording River Mine site. Larry has supervised many projects within the coal mining industry and when needed will venture out to other mines in the area. He has operated Excavators, Dozers, Loaders, Haul Trucks and on his spare time manages his personal farm operating all types of tractors and other machinery. From soil salvage, to Rip Rap and Fish Habitat projects, to all the Greenhouse management, growing trees, all wildlife habitat, site drainage, Larry brings many years of experience and knowledge to the team. He has a BC Ministry of Mines Supervisor Safety Training Course, Hazard Identification Assessment and Control/WHIMIS/ Hazardous Energy Isolation/Environmental Diploma/St John Ambulance FA Certificates.

Luigi is new to the team in 2019. From a previous shift Supervisor and Training Coordinator at Teck Coal to Mine Rescue Captain for many years. He has strong leadership skills and problem-solving techniques. His certificates include Ministry of Energy and Mines – Shift Boss Certification No. OP (Coal) 1511, Courageous Safety Leadership Facilitator, British Columbia Ministry of Mines Open Pit Mining Mine Rescue Certificate, St. Johns Ambulance Standard First Aid, and British Columbia Class 5 Drivers License. As our commitment to Safety and efficient heavy equipment operators Luigi’s experience will enhance our training program along with his diverse operating skills and knowledge, he is a welcome asset to our team.

Ric is new to Transcendent Mining in 2020. Ric brings 35 plus years of mining and forestry experience to the team. He has strong leadership skills and problem-solving techniques. His certificates include Ministry of Energy and Mines – Shift Boss Certification No. OP (Coal) 10244, Overhead Crane Operator KEL-ST101, Respiratory Protection, Fusion Training MMI McElroy Machine #28 thru T-500 Hydraulic Units, British Columbia Ministry of Mines Open Pit Mining Blasting Certificate, St. Johns Ambulance Standard First Aid, British Columbia Class 1 Drivers License with Air, attended Caterpillar Training Supervisor Course and completed his first year in Heavy Duty Mechanics. As our commitment to Safety and efficient heavy equipment operators Ric’s experience will enhance our team along with his diverse operating skills and knowledge, he is a welcome asset to our team.

Hank rejoined Transcendent Mining in 2020, previous employment started in 2015. He worked many years at Fording River Operations, starting with a Blasting Forman in 1990, moving to a pit foreman and back up senior foreman, and then to plant process foreman. By 2008 he was Senior foreman in Mine operations, by 2012 Business Lead for Drilling and Blasting and 2 years later General Foreman Mine Operations. After retirement he spent a short period of time with Transcendent Mining and moving to a management position with MAXAM a global technology company. Hank has a Ministry of Energy and Mines – Shift Boss Certification, Mining and Blasting 34 Years, British Columbia Ministry of Mines Open Pit Mining Blasting Certificate, St. Johns Ambulance Standard First Aid, Mine Rescue, Level 2 Modular Mining, and Supervisor in Open Pit Mining. With the many years of experience, Hank will bring a great deal of knowledge to the company, mentoring and working with the team.

Charlie has been with Transcendent Mining since it’s inception in 2014. Son of Bud Lynch, his skills come naturally. He brings nearly 10 years of heavy equipment operations in mining, construction and subdivision work. Charlie moved into a supervisor position with the Montane subdivision in 2017 and worked his way into the Fluor AWTF Fording River project 2018 and then onto the Fording River Fish Habitat. Charlie continues to work as both supervisor and heavy equipment operator bringing great talent and commitment to the team.

Rob joined TMM in the fall of 2016. He has worked with Bud, GM, with other contractors previous to this venture. Rob is a new Supervisor, started in 2018. He has operated and trained many operators on all types of equipment. His experience ranges from a diverse number of contractors through the valley. Rob has worked at many mine sites in the valley and is diversified in all areas. He holds a BC Ministry of Energy, Surface Open Pit Mining Certificate, along with OFA Level 1 with transportation endorsement, a sure asset to the TMM team.

Mark joined TMM in 2020 as an operator and quickly progressed into a supervisor. His background comes from many years in the mining industry. He holds a class 1 drivers licence along with: Hazardous Material Initial Response, Basic Search and Rescue, Rock climbing Instructor, Firefighting Level 1, St. John’s first Aid, EMP Level 1, 13 years in Pit Utility and pumps, Transportation of Dangerous Good, Emergency Response Squad, Mine/Cliff Rescue, Map-Compass Orienteering, Confined Space certification and many more. Mark operates all types of heavy equipment: Excavator, dozer, grader, scraper, water truck loader, fuel truck and Bobcat. His experience ranges from a diverse number of contractors through the valley also including Teck Coal and the BC forestry. He holds a BC Ministry of Energy, Surface Open Pit Mining Certificate and is an asset to the TMM team.

Jarret joined TMM in the fall of 2020. From a previous senior pit supervisor and blasting supervisor at Teck Coal he brings years of training and supervisor experience to the team. His certificates include Ministry of Energy and Mines – Shift Boss Certification No. OP 1249, British Columbia Ministry of Mines Open Pit Mining Mine Rescue Certificate, and St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid for Mines with transportation endorsement and BC Ministry of Mines Surface Mine Rescue. As our commitment to Safety and efficient heavy equipment operators, Jarret is a sure asset to keep us compliant.

Charlie has been operating heavy equipment for many years in mining and construction industry. Joining the TMM team in 2016, Charlie’s skills have recently brought him into a supervisor position with Transcendent Mining. His experience ranges from a diverse number of contractors. Charlie has worked at all the mine sites in the valley and specializes in open pit mining along with soil salvage projects. He holds a BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Mining & Minerals Division Shift Boss Certificate (No. 10792), along with OFA Level 1 with transportation endorsement. His experience and mentorship is a great asset to our team.

Dave has worked with Bud, GM, in many businesses throughout his career, new to TMM in January of 2020. He brings experience in the mining and forest industries. Dave’s training ranges from Dangerous Tree Removal, Timber Wood Chainsaw and Brushsaw Operator, and Dangerous Tree Assessor Certificate. The majority of Dave’s experience is in and around the forest industry, which he has done for the majority of his working career. Since his employment with TMM he has worked himself into a supervisor position, working in the coal mine, and completing his Supervisor for BC Ministry of Energy Surface Open Pit Mining. Along with many certificates including S100 Fire Suppression, Standard First Aid with Transportation endorsement, Fall Rescue and Advanced Forestry Training he is a true asset to both the Forestry and Mining divisions.

Reid became a member of the Transcendent Mining Team in April 2020. He is a key member in our remote civil construction jobs. Reid showed TMM his capabilities as the point person for communication on remote projects. He has water and sewer line experience, retaining walls, and other civil construction experience. Reid has his own personal business which contributes to strong leadership skills while working as a supervisor for Transcendent. He is a welcome of knowledge and a great asset to the civil work division.

Since April 2019 John Scott has been showing Transcendent his capabilities. John brings lots of experience in First Aid, pipelaying, training and service work to our team. John is a BCIT graduate, ITA Outdoor Power Equipment Technician, hands on experience in survey, Nuclear Gauge operator, confined space, ground disturbance, Asbestos Awareness, Certified Fuser Technician and has many other certifications that help both in the civil construction and mining industry. With diversified training, John brings a great amount of experience to the team.

Three-O-Six Industrial

When we take on larger projects that require more management, tracking and engineering we have access to a support team that is able to complete these tasks on a larger scale; Three-O-Six Industrial. Three-O-Six is a professional and progressive multi-discipline industrial solutions provider, serving the resources and infrastructure industries. Their daily goal is to provide a professionally managed and safety conscious approach to construction, maintenance, fabrication and mining that is easily recognized as the new standard.

Rick joined our team in the fall of 2017. Rick has worked on heavy equipment for many years with other contractors and currently works closely with Fiorentino mechanics as a TMM employee. Together they have a weekly plan of maintenance for all equipment used by TMM and our field mechanics for running repairs. Rick not only brings great work and integrity to our team, he also has a passion for getting the job done right the first time. Rick holds a Supervisor for Open Pit Mining certificate, WHMIS (annual), LOTO, HEI, Fire Extinguisher training, Fall protection and FLHA Training.

Kyle joined the TMM team in June of 2019. He is a licenced light duty mechanic and works mainly in the TMM shop in Sparwood maintaining our company light duty vehicles and our highway trucks and trailers. On occasion you will find him at one of our project sites helping the heavy-duty mechanics with heavy equipment repairs. Kyle’s commitment to maintaining the maintenance required on light duty vehicles is second to none. His job is to ensure our workers have safe transportation to and from job sites. Along with his Light Duty Mechanic certificate he also has WHMIS (annual), LOTO, HEI, Fire Extinguisher training, Fall protection and FLHA Training.

Dwight started with TMM in the fall of 2020 as a Light Duty and Heavy Duty Apprentice Mechanic. He is still attending SAIT, going into the second-year apprentice program. Dwight’s personal achievements, gold metal at the BC Winter Games in Archery, prove to show commitment and hard-working qualities. With a young, energetic, and driven personality, he will grow with the company.

Heavy Equipment Operators and Labours

Our heavy equipment operators come from many fields of expertise. Our employees in both heavy equipment, mechanics and labours specialize in different areas and take their work very serious. We have ‘seasoned’ operators who have retired from full time mining employment and bring their experience to us through completing projects efficiently and under budget, along with training our younger generation. All employees are paid a fair rate of pay to maintain consistency in our work. We have an open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect, and success. All Employees sign off on our company ‘Code of Ethical Conduct’ and ‘Job Expectations’ forms. All Employees are trained and signed off on each piece of equipment by our Training Supervisor.

As a team, we are known to be an extended family of valued workers.

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